Love Letter Wine Box Ceremony

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One of my previous posts which discussed the Quaich, involved drinking alcohol just before the exchange of vows. This post is also about having alcohol, but one year on from the ceremony.

If you are looking for an idea that will attract the attention of your guests and add some elegance to your wedding, a Love Letter Wine Box Ceremony can be a great way to go. If both bride and groom are lovers of good wine this is a perfect element to include in the ceremony, and even more so if you are marrying at a vineyard.


A romantic time capsule

The idea is that before walking down the aisle, both bride and groom write a letter to one another. The letters describe the good qualities they find in each other, the reasons they fell in love, their reason for choosing to marry and perhaps a lot more. The letters are sealed in individual envelopes and neither has seen what the other has written.

During the ceremony, the celebrant will explain this romantic ritual to the guests and then the best man, bridesmaid or another esteemed guest can approach the couple with the letters which will go into the box. Also included in the box is a good bottle of wine and two glasses.

The box should then be sealed and chained ceremoniously with both bride and groom receiving a key each to a padlock so they can only open the box when they are together. It would ruin the whole ritual if either the bride or groom had a sneaky peek at the other’s letter. You will have created your very own romantic time capsule to be opened at a later date.


Best time to open the box

On your first anniversary, open the box, read the love letters and enjoy the wine. Then, write each other a new love letter, get a new bottle of wine, and repeat every year. If at some point in the first year, the marriage should find itself in trouble, then the box should be opened. By drinking the wine and reading the letters you will hopefully turn what was probably a misunderstanding into a positive outcome.

I love the idea that if either of you forgets the first wedding anniversary, then the opening of the box will hopefully help smooth things over and save the relationship (I know that’s a bit dramatic). Forgetting is not recommended though.

It is suggested that you keep the box in a prominent place displayed in your home as a constant reminder of your special day and your commitment to one another.

Love Letter Wine Box Ceremony


Invite friends and family to join in

To add another layer to the Love Letter Wine Box Ceremony, you could ask family and close friends to write a letter to you both which will go into the box and can be read at the time you decide to drink the wine. This can make for a memorable evening and having the guests involved in this ritual can make them feel a huge part of ceremony as they drop their letters in the box.


Here are what will be required for the ceremony:

A nice wooden box

A bottle of your favourite wine (whisky or tequila if you prefer)

Two sealed love letters

A CD of your favourite songs (if you still live in the last century)

A chain with two padlocks, or a hammer with nails if you like DIY

wedding couple in greenery


Ideas to inspire the letter writing:

What were your first thoughts when you saw your fiancé for first time?

What is your favourite attribute about your fiancé?

How did your life change after you met your fiancé?

How did you change?

How has your fiancé inspired your hopes and aspirations?

What are the reasons you fell in love with your fiancé?

Why did you choose to marry your fiancé?

For more information on Love Letter Wine Box Ceremonies or if you have any other ideas on how we can make your ceremony unique and one to remember please don’t hesitate to contact me.








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