Life celebration

A funeral is an expression of emotions, memories and respect that allows us to go forward bringing family and friends together at a time of sadness and loss. It is also the opportunity to celebrate and remember the life of a loved one.

Saying goodbye to someone is the hardest things to do but sharing it with your closest family and friends may help you find some comfort.

It is important for me to spend time with you and your family to get to know the life and character of your loved one. We can discuss some funeral readings which might be appropriate and comforting as well as talking about the eulogy, which will pay tribute to and remind mourners about the individual qualities of the person, paying respect to them and the life lived.

Some families have said they felt comfort not only from the ceremony itself but from the initial meeting, when they were able to revive old memories and relive some of the good times.

As a funeral celebrant my role is to liaise with the funeral director, meet the family and create a personal and meaningful ceremony that truly reflects the life of your loved one.

The personable approach ensures that your loved one will be given the warm, sincere and uplifting ceremony that they deserve.

Let us capture all those memories you have and give them a fitting send off.

What is a Funeral Celebrant?

A funeral celebrant is a person who officiates ceremonies by planning and overseeing funeral proceedings.

Many funeral celebrants aim for the ceremony to be a celebration of life that honours the persons memory. This approach places an emphasis on how the person lived their life, their personality traits and the memories of the mourners.

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