About me

Photo Credit: Hana Laurie http://www.hanalaurie.co.uk

Hi. I’m Jamie, a wedding celebrant from Scotland. I have lived and worked in London for over 20 years, enjoying a career managing restaurants, pubs, bars, comedy clubs and music venues.

I love meeting new people, and nothing makes me happier than when someone leaves saying they have had a brilliant time.

I was best man at several weddings and even sang at one, before a friend suggested I would make a great wedding celebrant. This really appealed to me and I successfully completed the UK Society of Celebrants excellent training course.

Now I can enjoy getting to know a couple and going on a special journey with me introducing them as newlyweds.

Incidentally, I retired from singing after that one performance. Fortunately for everyone there is not much call for a singing celebrant!

About Celebrants

Many people have heard of a wedding celebrant but not many people have a full understanding of what their actual role is.

A wedding celebrant will lead and perform a ceremony with the versatility to create a script which is built around the couples own personal story and allows them to have the wedding day they have planned right down to the last detail.

There is so much freedom in a ceremony without restrictions and I love the idea of pushing the boundaries to create a wedding everyone will be talking about for years.

Weddings are about couples, families and friends coming together to celebrate. As a celebrant, I work on getting to know you so on the big day I have your complete trust.

Being surrounded by happy people and being part of your wedding makes this one of the best jobs there is.


Difference between a Celebrant and a Humanist.

A humanist does not have a belief in religion or traditional weddings, rituals or superstitions. Celebrants, on the other hand, don’t support or recommend one wedding path over another. They will embrace the practices and elements that are important to the couple.

Both roles are secular. For celebrants, this means they are not primarily concerned with religion but can include a religious element if the couple wish to.


Difference between a Celebrant and a Registrar.

Registrars process and approve the couple’s marriage license. Registrars can officiate a wedding ceremony without religion, the ceremony acting as a formality after the legal requirements have taken place.

Celebrants can advise you on how to complete the marriage license requirements but do not have the authority to approve it. They can however officiate a tailored ceremony so have the freedom to create a truly bespoke wedding.

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